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What you need to know about our development finance offering.

We consider all cases on their individual merits. This information forms the basis of our development lending proposition.

  • Borrow £30k - £7m
  • 1st charge loans to 70% NET LTV
  • Rate/month 0.8%-1.25% (subject to LTV)
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Specialist development finance from Amicus

All development opportunities share one crucial similarity. Whether you’re looking to new-build, part-build or convert, you need direct access to capital from a reliable, established lender.

Respond to the fast-paced property market and access funds swiftly with Amicus. We can strengthen your position by arranging short-term finance on competitive terms, working closely with key stakeholders. With Amicus and our partners' support, you can secure the land or property you need to make your development a success.

What is it for?

Development opportunities require substantial planning. With building regulations and planning permission to consider, it's often a complex process. One aspect you can have confidence in, is dependable short-term financing from Amicus.

As established lenders, we understand the industry and enable borrowers to access capital swiftly and flexibly.

Case study:

Amicus Property Finance works with Smith Homes to breathe new life into town centres.


Smith Homes are experienced property developers with a reputation for working well with local authorities, lenders, valuers and lawyers who understand the development sector.

To provide a funding line of £3.8m for a Permitted Development Right (PDR) in three stages: a day-one drawdown, a cash flow facility during the 12-month period of development and a further advance facility as the project progressed.


The project was located in a particularly run down area of Maidstone town centre. It offered the opportunity to convert 65 former office units into 123 one- and two- bedroom apartments over 11 floors.

A developer with ambitions to capitalise on the greater freedom offered by PDRs needs to ensure they have partnered with the right lender. The major challenge with a project of this size and complexity is to ensure funds are fluid and arrive promptly, so as not to stall the building schedule.

This was the first significant case that Amicus’s new in-house Quantity Surveyor (QS) had overseen and it was vitally important that the relationship between QS and developer was a good one.


The project was completed on schedule and eventually included off street parking and a private gym for residents. The quality of the finish, the proximity to the town centre and the fact that units were bought as they completed made Miller Heights an attractive proposition for first time buyers. As they moved in, previously empty retail units re-opened their doors and the area is now getting back to being a thriving inner town area.

Amicus are filling that void left by the mainstream lenders since the recession. They know their business and are not nervous about committing to a well-planned project and understand that a developer must be confident that their cash flow will not be jeopardised.

We are already on with our next project with Amicus and confidently expect a similar successful outcome.

Barry Merner
Smith Homes

Excellent technical underwriting knowledge gets a client out of a development finance hole


To provide a 65% £1.9m company investment development loan to convert a property valued at £2.75m into one worth £6.55m.


The applicant had entered into a one-year purchase option agreement with the owner almost a year previously. They were required to obtain detailed planning permission and complete the transaction by 3pm on 31/07/2015.

Once we received the application it was discovered that despite having DPP from Poole Council, the applicant needed agreement from Poole Harbour Authority (PHA). The PHA holds absolute control over all planning in the area due to its National Heritage status. Late in the day, the PHA lodged an objection to planning.

The applicant was already financially committed (£450,000) to the project. Via our panel solicitors (Mark Benjamin of Ultimate Law), we obtained a waiver of the PHA objection for a £14,000 one-off payment, and also obtained a bespoke Title Indemnity policy (via TitleSolv) to cover Amicus for known defects in the property title.


The good news is we completed the transaction on 31/07/15 at 14:16 with a good 44 minutes to spare.

Sincere thanks for all your efforts with this one - it seemed like it was destined to fail as hurdles kept jumping up that somehow you managed to jump over or around!

Peter McDonagh
Bluechip Financial

The perfect combination of speed and accuracy


To provide £5.2m (62% LTV) funding for purchase of a vacant office building with permitted development rights for conversion into residential dwellings. The borrowers were well known to both broker and Amicus and so we wanted to help if we could.


There was considerable pressure to complete; the original date had passed and notice to complete had been served. We knew it would be the competence of both solicitors - and how closely they were prepared to work together - that would decide whether our client could meet the demands of the vendor.


A good relationship was established between the two solicitor practices. The Amicus panel solicitor was able to provide the necessary assurances on funding that gave the vendor the comfort he needed to agree a revised completion date. After only 18 days from the receipt of the application the deal was concluded.

This completion is a perfect example of how it works when all parties are in direct personal contact from the start. All stakeholders working with one objective, a professional job completed within demanding time lines.

Jordan McBriar
Adapt Finance

Saving the day face-to-face after another lender withdrew support


To fund a development project to 59% LTV with a £1.48m loan (£540K day one), the client having already paid and had the valuation done.


A previous lender had withdrawn support. We needed to ensure that their reasons for withdrawing were not contrary to our lending criteria, and then complete within 15 days. In a change to normal processes, we accepted dual representation from the solicitor acting, due to the demanding time line. The client was advised of all the implications associated with this procedure and all parties agreed to proceed on this basis.


A very satisfied developer - new to Amicus - introduced by a specialist broker who knew he could rely on Amicus to get things up and running again through an honest face-to-face interview, and affect a swift completion. Repeat business is at the heart of any successful lender’s proposition and we continue to support this developers projects.

It is very refreshing to have a face to face meeting with a decision maker from a lender.

Jonathan Turner

Let down by another lender - just days before Christmas


To fund the valued client of a new broker, having been let down by another lender. Loan size £414k (60%). Initially £270k being released under permitted development permissions with a further stage payment of £144k when planning for residential use is granted.


To complete before Christmas (8 days from acceptance). It was essential that we ensured our respective solicitors worked closely together and that the valuer appreciated the urgency and the intricacies of the matter: we were only providing acquisition funding.


Completed in seven days following an exhaustive meeting with the client on day one. All parties were delighted with the pre Christmas completion.

We were very impressed in how quickly we built up a mutual trust and the way in which they worked with us on a very tight schedule… to get all stakeholders to pull out the stops.

Jordan McBriar
Adapt Finance

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