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What you need to know about our refurbishment finance offering

We consider all cases on their individual merits. This information forms the basis of our refurbishment lending proposition.

  • Borrow £30k - £7m
  • 1st charge loans to 75% NET LTV
  • Rate/month 0.89%-1.25% (subject to LTV)
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Specialist refurbishment finance from Amicus

Upgrading a residential or mixed-use property before renting it out takes time, effort and money. Further complexities can arise depending on the property’s condition – that’s where Amicus can help.

Ours is a practical, balanced approach, with short-term finance to suit individual needs, accommodating light and heavy refurbishment projects. So it needn't be curtains whether you're planning a lick of paint or a complete restructure.

What is it for?

There are many variables in the timescale of a refurbishment project, but finance needn’t be one of them. We're committed to working as quickly as possible to arrange a short-term loan that helps you make progress.

Our experts can structure deals to complete a refurb or accelerate a buy-to-let venture. Whether you’re dealing with planning permission and building regulations or just fitting a new kitchen, we can support you.

Each case is unique, and we rise to that challenge by making sure we understand; asking the right questions; building strong bonds with borrowers, brokers and other key stakeholders.

Case study:

Helping a brand new client secure the future of an ambitious refurb


To provide funding to 70% LTV on an auction bought, second floor flat property at £3.05m. The exit was to be sale or refinance on an estimated revaluation of £5m.


To purchase within the 28 day auction payment deadline, and refurbish the existing one-bedroom one-bathroom flat into a three-bedroom, three-bathroom dwelling within 12 months.

As it was a new direct client we needed to be assured that the client credentials satisfied our acceptance criteria, and establish whether the revised valuation after completion of works was realistic.


We satisfied the elite client’s requirements within 14 days of application: no planning permission was required and the revaluation reflected the opportunity that refurbishments of this nature in this area offer.

The refurbishment sector of our market is very competitive especially in an upmarket area like Knightsbridge and a successful lender has to establish an immediate rapport with demanding upmarket clients. Amicus has a growing reputation for doing just that. This gives us confidence that the client will return again and again.

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