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Amicus Property Finance views from the inside

Since Capital Bridging Finance Limited (now known as Amicus Property Finance Ltd) was founded in 2009, a lot has happened. However then, as now, a simple thing continues to drive our journey forwards: the unshakeable confidence our stakeholders have in the people at Amicus Property Finance.

We caught up with three people - Emma Ryan, Phil Dabbs, and John Ryan - who have been stalwart team members since our journey began. We asked them this: at a time when post-referendum confidence is high on the agenda, what makes them sure that Amicus Property Finance and other ASTL members will continue to thrive in the current environment?

Over the years Amicus has invested heavily in building a quality Finance team with the experience necessary to complement Amicus’ ambitions. Finance works closely with all areas of the business as well as external stakeholders to ensure that robust data, insightful analytics and control assurance is at the heart of all business decisions. This has enabled the business to achieve impressive growth numbers, supported by a broad range of funding options provided through long-term relationships. While Brexit is proving an unwelcome distraction, in my opinion this is just a wobble. Short-term uncertainty around property prices, growth in the market and the wider economy will give way to long-term opportunities once the environment stabilises. For the Finance team the focus remains unchanged – enabling the business to lend responsibly, grow sustainably and to do this in a well-informed and controlled fashion.

John Ryan, Director of Corporate Development

We work closely with brokers and clients at an early stage to ensure that exits happen as planned. Taking a flexible approach to redemptions, we balance at all times the need to work with clients and understand when problems can arise but also ensuring that our funding lines continue to flow for the benefit of all stakeholders. We are encouraged that our distributors share our confidence that the future remains positive for the short-term specialist market.

Emma Ryan, Head of Redemptions

When we won the B&C 'Best Bridging Newcomer' award in 2013 Keith Aldridge told me "Hold on tight I am confident this is only the start but everybody needs to share my confidence". At that time I had two underwriters working with me, I now have 18 in the underwriting team and because of the trust our brokers have in us we all share the confidence that Keith has about the future growth of Amicus Property Finance. We face challenges we did not expect pre the referendum but short-term lenders and specialist brokers are a resilient breed and my team's confidence remains high that in the coming months the growth the sector has seen in the first half of the year will be sustained into 2017.

Phil Dabbs, Head of Underwriting


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