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Amicus specialists Q&A: Matthew Anderson

In the first of a new series of interviews with the Amicus team, we caught up with our very own Matthew Anderson to talk about his role as Head of Servicing & Portfolio Management.

Matthew joined Amicus in 2016 having specialised in property since 1996, firstly with Wintrust Securities Limited and then subsequently as a director of Fincorp.

Q. What is your role with Amicus Property Finance?

A. As Head of Servicing and Portfolio Management, I lead a team that manages further advances for development loans. I ensure we continue to deliver our high standard of customer service, actively monitoring and providing support in sometimes challenging situations. Ultimately, it is about driving the right outcomes for Amicus and our customers.

Q. What attracted you to join Amicus?

A. It came out of a chance conversation with one of our key brokers. Keith Aldridge was already well known to me and they talked very highly of the whole management team at Amicus. I leapt at the opportunity and what I have found is that Amicus really champions specialists, and empowers people at every level to make decisions in the interests of all stakeholders. In short, the broker was right!

Q. Tell us about a typical day?

A. Dealing with both construction monitoring and recoveries throws up a different set of challenges every day - from the sublime to the ridiculous. Cashflow is key to the success of any development and ensuring the timely release of funds is vital. We take a measured approach to what can be difficult situations, often collaborating with the underwriting and redemptions teams to find the right solution for everyone involved.

Q. How does your team help us to do business better?

A. We understand and appreciate clients' requirements, and we know the development process inside out. Both of these factors assist us in getting funds released quickly for our clients, so they can keep their projects on schedule, and ultimately stay on course to make repayments in the time agreed.

Q. What do you like about working at Amicus?

A. A strong team spirit and a feeling of collaboration are consistent in the way we work and we've maintained this as we have grown. This proactive, collaborative and supportive way of working is something I really value and embrace, and it extends to the whole network of stakeholders we do business with.

Q. What do you think sets us apart from our competitors?

A. You can't beat experience - in a relatively young sector of the finance industry, Amicus has a team of specialists that rivals any of our competitors. And then you have to factor in the diversity of solutions we provide. Beyond the development projects my team and I are involved in, Amicus Property Finance looks at many different types of case, from quick bridges to complex deals - appetite for that diversity of business is hard to find. As the latest advertising campaign says: we really are lending, willing and able!